Tuesday 19 June 2012

Project 32: More patterned papers

When we went back to the US, the primary purpose was Grandma’s birthday. Obviously. But we had another purpose, which was to fulfil the $20 challenge. 

Claire was also going to the US shortly after we were there and we agreed to do a challenge where we got craft supplies to the value of $20 for the other person. Weirdly we share a sense that people are more likely to be frugal with another person’s money than their own and therefore we knew that we’d get the best value.

Here is all of the great stuff Claire got me:

So much to play with! She knew I don’t buy much paper so I got some great coloured, patterned and glitter stock to try new punches. Some die-cut and chipboard shapes and birds and jubilee stamps and away we go!

She knew I’ve been getting into stamping recently and got me some really great quality ink pads in colours I don’t have. I had recently bought some larger, more complicated stamps that I decided to use to make big-patterned papers. My last foray into patterned papers was a good learning exercise in placement, spacing and color so hopefully the improvements are as clear to everyone else.

The headline shot is a mixture of a big text-filled bird and a tiny little bird stamp in the lime green. This is really sharp and I love it.

Some music paper I had previously was like gold dust I valued it so much so I got a big music-print stamp to reproduce using the turquoise ink from Claire. 

Next a mix of locks and keys (two stamps rather than one) in a pink I already had. 

Finally a mix of a scalloped shape bird stamp and the same tiny bird randomly overlapping in the maroon ink from Claire. I might have made it a bit busy but let me know what you think.

I know there will be more to come from these papers and collection from Claire, definitely keep in touch. Also – happy days – I’ve had over 1000 page visits! Thanks everyone! :) 

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  1. Hey! I really like the big bird / little bird paper - can I get some of that? Cx


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