Sunday 2 September 2012

Project 43: Black and white dove cards


 This week I thought I’d make a set of cards for my friend. Her name in Spanish means “dove” and so I thought I’d play on that as the theme for the cards.
I chose a monochromatic color scheme as I thought this would lift the cards from simple birds to more fashionable cards.

The headline card is my favorite – I ran a vintage-style scallop border punch along the edge and then duplicated this in white to create a sort of lace effect. I got a new set of candies in black, grey and white with silver stripes and I think they add to the 30s feel of the punch. I liked the text print on the bird, this will definitely suit my friend’s taste. 

I have a corner punch that matches the border punch above so I used this on a white square to frame a different bird. I thought this one was simple enough with black candies.

Next I used the same grey striped paper as the bird punch with a scallop in white to highlight it. Different colored candies on the bottom. 

To complete the set: a little love-bird style design with some spotty ribbon.

I wanted to have a bit more of a challenge so I made her birthday card in a similar style, using paper cutting techniques I picked up on a course last year. It took me a long time as I’m out of practice but I thought the simple little design with a similar bird works well.

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