Monday 12 March 2012

Project 13: More citrus bright cards

This has been a hugely crafty weekend. In addition to the splatter paining for my friend Emra, I made a huge batch of macaroons, marble-painted my nails and made about 10 cards. It was insanely creative and I could live off these posts for at least a few weeks except
  • a) That would be cheating as this is meant to be a weekly blog with weekly crafts
  • b) I didn’t take photos of the marble nail treatment so I have no “how-to” and that’s sort of the whole point as the technique is trippy and weird (and seriously not worth the time as it’s a pain in the rear)
  • c) We ate all the macaroons (also see point b because I didn’t think to document the process)
  • d) I made some cards so I’ll just post those instead
So I made another “citrus” set of bright cards for the collection. Lots of personalized versions this week, which made things a bit more special as the layouts are all very simple (see points above for my excuses - I was getting my craft on to get bogged down with fancy layouts).
First up is Beth’s birthday card which had two requirements: pink (check) and butterflies (check). Sparkles/bling for extra points. She later showed me her sparkly pink butterfly phone cover. I know my friends.
Then a mother’s day card for my mother-in-law as its English mother’s day on Sunday. Her name is Joy so the greeting is a bit obvious but these are very “her” colours and a nice bold pattern makes this feel modern and retro at the same time.
New neighbours moved in upstairs so I welcomed them with a card and a small batch of macaroons. They haven’t been home all weekend so if they aren’t back by Tuesday, I’m keeping both.
Finally this one really breaks the series but I needed a get-well-soon card for a colleague and thought the bright colours might seem a bit too OTT and chipper for someone just out of a 4-day stint in the hospital. This had the most interesting layout, using an embossing folder, butterfly punches (stolen from Claire), coloured tape, bling and foamy squares to lift the butterflies. Shame the flash glared out the folder a bit.
Then I finished with some general greetings for the box of good-to-go cards. No pictures, this post is already long and getting out of hand.
PS: In case you’re curious this is what marble-effect nails look like. Awesome, but I’m not doing this again as the effort outweighs the effect by a long shot.

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  1. I like the Beth birthday card, nice use of the embossed strip Cx


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