Sunday 21 July 2013

Project 89: New stamps for a new home card

This is a quick post but I was really happy with a new home card I made this week for my friend Palo.

I stopped in to my local craft shop this week when I had half a day off and found this awesome stamp set:
Owls, hearts and houses: what's not to love?!

I used the complicated house stamp to make the headline card using purple ink and grey paper so it wasn't too stark against the busy background. It was a beast. I think this is the 7th atempt? It's so complicated and getting even pressure to get a full image was a nightmare. So this has quickly become a special-occassion-only stamp.

The far left strip is embossed using a new Sizzix embossing folder I bought in a sale and the hot air balloon papers are from the steampunk Chronology set. I glittered these to give a bit of lift. And added the gold candies for the same reason.

I've not posted for a while as I've been so busy coloring in my KennyKs but expect more posts in the next few days as I've been starting to use them!

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  1. Love this card, it's amazing. I find that certain ink pads don't give me the coverage I need using larger I hear your pain :) Cx


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