Sunday, 28 June 2015

Project 230: Wales, London, Bikes and hills

My colleagues give me amazingly weird briefs. I can't even think of which ones to link to as examples there are so many. (Maybe see this one as a starting point...) So when my colleague gave me a brief with keywords - yes really - I knew this was another special one. She previously commissioned this kid's card so you know how specific we can get.

See, another colleague's girlfriend's parents had put her up for a night and driven her from London to Wales to compete in a 140km bike race. She wanted a card that demonstrated her appreciation for this extremely generous gift of time.

So I went for a patchwork quilt feel for the card as I thought it would help tell a story. I cut out some rolling hills from different patterend papers and created a little road, house and a van driving from London to Wales and back. I went for a rough-drawn outline on the van and irregularly shaped dashes for the road - I thought it would work well for the homemade feel.

I created a little sliding door on the van to reveal a diecut stamped bicycle. I like a little bit of interaction.The sign is made from scraps on my desk and I hand wrote the signs.

I thought it was a fun little project and it went down extremely well with both my commissioner and her recipients. All in all, a great card to make.


  1. Oh Wow! what a brief Jessie!! and what a fab job you've done coming up with this wonderful design.. love the patterned paper hills and the sliding door is SO cool !! it looks like it was a lot of fun to do! :-)
    Hope you have a good week!
    Big hugs, Sue B xx

  2. WOW! That is an epic brief...I love the patch work quilt feel and the sliding door is a stroke of genius :) Cx

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