Tuesday 7 February 2017

Project 393: A very pink baby shower

I have been unable to craft and blog at my usual pace these past few weeks because I have been working non stop on a baby shower for my sister.

So many things made for this shower! So MANY THINGS.

Here's the run down:

  • Game boards (I got a template online for a prom invite - yes really - and manipulated it to get the arrangement I wanted. I hated the Baby Shower game boards I found and thought this worked way better for what I wanted) 
  • Labels for champagne bottles that say 'About to Pop!' that were printed, die cut, layered over a pink scallop and punched to become a tag 
  • Signs for craft stations 
  • Tiny folded napkins to look like diapers that hold snacks 
  • Ribbon rosettes for the mom to be, x2 grandmas and me, the aunt! 
  • Decorated hair bands - there was a station for all the guests do decorate some but Claire and I made x2 testers and then I decorated more with the spares
Plus a bunch of games, prizes, etc. It was all a bit hectic to organise but the final day was beautiful and fun and my sister had a great time which is what really matters. Can't wait to have that little baby in our lives! 

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  1. Man, you worked your butt off, but it paid off, it all looks so beautiful and Dana looks super happy. Glad it all went well. Cx


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