Monday 23 April 2018

Project: Cheerful yellow cards

This weekend I had a little play at my desk and I am so pleased with this card. I have a little 2 year old friend who's birthday is on the horizon and I decided her card needed to be lots of fun. She loves animals and I regularly buy her books and toys that make animal sounds as she's great at mimicking them. She also speaks 3 languages (at 2!) and it's fun to get her to say the names of animals in different languages.

I decided to use the lovely Avery Elle set that has these amazing musical animals. I colored them with ProMarkers and die cut them out. My kangaroo is a bit poorly cut but I doubt she'll notice if I'm honest! I used a number 2 sticker I had in the stash and decided to forego the sentiment. Just a big number for kiddos - they don't have to worry about reading but get to see the number. I went for a yellow background as it's cheerful and gender neutral - she's not an overly pink girl so this works well.

And now a bonus card. This clear transparency came with something - a package? an item of clothing? I can't remember - and I kept it on my desk for nearly a year. I've been thinking it would be a lovely shaker card but couldn't decide what to do with it. I decided in the end to leave it on its own. I stencilled the background in Peacock Feathers distress ink to give it a bit of colour. Probably a touch too much but oh well! I added a big yellow foam ring and added some gold and silver sequins.

The transparency went over the card and then I added a big yellow chevron ribbon with a knot to mask the edge of the transparency that I didn't glue down - it was getting gummy and weird and I needed to hide it. It's a bit random and weird but then again it's a shaker so whoever gets it can have a bit of a laugh. Really fun day of playing with yellow in different ways.


  1. Hi your cards are stunning I love them both. Have a great week. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. I obviously LOVE the Avery Elle set too, your card is gorgeous. For some reason when I cut the Kangaroo I have the same issue..maybe a problem with the die and not us being inept :) Love the cheery background. Your second card is a HUGE win for me, so far out of your regular style and I love it even more for that. The stenciling on the transparency is special man. I'm stealing that. Cx


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