Friday 16 November 2012

Christmas cards for sale!

Come one, come all, it's time to buy some Christmas cards!

The shop is now open, please form an orderly queue (or stampede your way through) to the Ham N Mule card shop.

All of the cards that I've posted previously are available to buy, plus Claire's lovely designs.

You can buy directly through the site using Pay Pal and major credit cards or you can get in touch with me directly and place an order.

Share this with your friends, family, colleagues...get involved! Visit the site here

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Project 54: Mojo engagement card

Short post - and yes this is two in one day which is a record for me (obviously I need to  get out more).

I saw this week's Mojo sketch and had to play with it so I rushed home this evening to have a go. One of my best friends got engaged this weekend (in addition to my sister which means it was a hugely happy weekend!) and I thought immediately that this card layout would work well.

Here is the sketch I followed:

I tried lots of techniques to give it that special engagement-card luxury. I embossed the card in the middle with one of my favorite folders with leaves and birds and used my dotted scallop punch (<3 Martha Stewart) for the side. I went round the edge with an Almond colored Pro Marker, a practice of inking the sides in a slightly darker shade that I'm kind of obsessed with at the moment.

I used a scallop punch for the sparkly card and then added a paper flower with the button for the feature on the right. I wanted to add the sparkly paper for the bling factor but wanted to keep it rustic and chic so I used the button on the flower.

Turquoise, brown, cream and silver may seem random but the combo spoke to me. I love the background paper with the wheat pattern and I am hoping it'll speak to my friends' style.

The button coordinates with the brown ribbon, the grey flower coordinates with the silver greeting and cream is the non-sparkly version of my Hippie Chic stack of papers.  It came together like a dream.

Julesie - if you are reading this (likely my only non-relative fan!) - it's in the post from Saturday when I land in the US! Love you! xox

Project 53: Card sets

Another playdate with Claire, another armful of bounty to share with the world.

I’m flying out to see my parents and sister in New Orleans for Thanksgiving and we will be seeing some family friends that I haven’t seen for years. My mom encouraged me (coerced feels more appropriate though) to bring some sets of cards for the family friends. So I roped Claire into the fray and we made loads of sets of cards to give away.

I’ll start with my favourite of the session: these embossed, inked and tied heart DL cards on the headline. I did them in reverse of each other, making a little set of four. This card was a major faff, all the techniques going into the stamping and inking and what not. I’m pleased it’s going to a good home.

The next one is one that Claire did – the zebra and yellow combo is super sweet. I said at the time I never think of yellow and black but it’s a stellar combination.

Then we both did a similar card using tags in pink and green. As CG mentions on her blog, we followed completely different inspirations from Pinterest and yet we ended up making very similar things. How funny. I think one of these sets should go to my sister as she’s all about pink and green. (mine are the top, CG's are the bottom, for reference) 

Next we have the quilted pattern I made using Claire’s scallop square punch. These papers really spoke to me and they’re blue and brown which is a combo I can’t get enough of. My mom will probably like these…

Then we have Claire’s black and pink winner. We played a lot with that raffia-style thread. It’s super thin and easy to work with.

Then we made some engagement cards but I won’t post those as I’m going to be hand delivering them this weekend! The best thing about playdate sessions is that you see someone using the kit you have in a different way, or trying a technique with a common tool that you'd never considered. It's much better to craft with a friend than to craft in isolation. 

All in all a super productive Sunday session. I had to dash off for a work dinner but otherwise I think we could have stayed all night making these. Well until Claire’s husband kicked me out for talking nonsense and being a liability for drinking/crafting at the same time. It’s happened….a few times. 

Sunday 4 November 2012

Project 52: Trying new tricks with butterflies and gingham

Every weekend that I can remember having craft time available for the past few months has been dedicated to Christmas craft. This means my stores of non-Christmas cards are seriously down. Claire and I have some more craft fairs this year so I wanted to get the stock back up to scratch so I made some sets of cards that people could buy of the same layout in different colors. 

The headline card is a variation of a butterfly card that Claire alerted me to on Pinterest. I have this great little butterfly punch that my mom gave me and so I did a few versions using pastels, glitter and darker butterflies. Love them. 

Next is a variation of another post from Claire, this one from her blog. The technique to ink the patterned paper is really nice, it gives it a lived-in look that I like. I used the same ink for the “Thinking of You” stamp. I have added some glitter to the flowers since this photo was taken. Claire will like that I am all about the glittler glue now :)

Next I did a basic butterfly birthday card using some sweet gingham papers. I love gingham. Maybe all of my cards will be gingham from now on. 

And then using my gingham paper scraps I made some basic baby cards. Gingham in blue and pink does just look so baby-ish, doesn’t it? And buttons. Who doesn’t love a button on a card? Not one of my followers I should hope! 

All in I made about 30 today, admittedly simple layouts but I’m pleased that I have something to sell. I made another 3 sets of a secret layout that I am giving away as gifts to readers of this blog so I won’t post them here.  Very productive day. 

PS 52 projects and it's only October! Happy days - this is easily one of my best new years' resolutions and I have actually stuck with it. Here's to the next two months full of projects!