Wednesday 29 May 2013

Project 81: Cricket Card with a bit of Mojo

This card is a commission from my neighbour who wanted a cricket-themed card for her dad's birthday.

As I was struggling with ideas for this extremely precise brief I looked to Mojo and used this week's sketch as my inspiration.

Happily, my husband had a cricket score card from a trip to Lord's cricket ground a few years ago so I was able to use that as the background.

The middle square is an embossed bit of card that is meant to mimic the famous cricket jumper cables.

I used a strip of blue embossed with a stitching pattern to represent the ball, put over the red spotted papers for a similar effect. That orangey-brown paper thread worked perfectly with th eold button and orange backing paper.

Not too bad considering I'm really none the wiser about cricket!

Monday 20 May 2013

Project 80: A few special commissions

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve posted! 

After the Cinco de Mayo party I have been working on a top-secret craft project that I can’t talk about here. My loyal fan-base won’t be disappointed  for long though, I promise to reveal all very soon!
Anyway, I thought I’d do a short post to get back into the posting business, covering two commissions I’ve made this weekend. 
First the headline card is a new home card for some friends of a friend. As it was going to a couple I kept it masculine. I love those steampunk papers and thought the hot air balloon was kind of a quirky approach to a new home card. I used the die-cutter to cut out the frame and then used a bit of chevron ribbon to make it trendy. I hope the couple are hipsters to appreciate how achingly cool this card is.

Next is a wedding card I made for a different friend of (admittedly the same) friend. She wanted a simple wedding card that didn’t say “on your wedding day” as she couldn’t make the wedding. She also said the bride liked buttons, so I had to work one in as I love buttons. I embossed some purple card and used a lattice punch to create the interlocking ring effect. I used the white ribbon to symbolise “tying the knot” – no really, that was completely intentional  - and I thought it balanced the whole card out.

I have another not-so-secret project I worked on that I can share next time. I promise to be a bit better than every two weeks!

Saturday 4 May 2013

Project 79: Cinco de Mayo festivities

Hello friends and happy Cinco de Mayo!

I know I have been a bit absent but I am hoping the craft extravaganza I am about to show will make up for it. 

I am throwing a Cinco de Mayo party tomorrow, less because of any Mexican heritage and more because I wanted to throw a party over the bank holiday for a few friends and this Sunday happened to be Cinco de Mayo. So sombreros all around!

I wasn’t allowed to make a piñata as O thought it would be dangerous for us/our things/our friends to hit things with a stick after a few drinks. That makes sense so I decided instead to make a piñata cake, which is the headline picture following this blog’s recommendation.

After making one very deep layer and one shallow layer I hollowed out the deep layer and filled it with sweets. The blog says to hollow out the top but I made the bottom layer deep enough I didn't have to. I iced it and made a piñata template and carefully placed the sugar to get the layered effect. I will take pictures tomorrow when we cut into it to show the sweets pouring out.

Next up is a Mexican spin on bunting, taken from Martha. I love Martha. Also in the little series that I’ve linked to she has a recipe for some alcohol-soaked fruit and good snacks that I’m in the process of prepping as well.

These were pretty easy – I got a big bundle of colored tissue from the 99p store and then cut squares, then cut up the fringe. I taped them together and then folded over the top to have a string tucked underneath so I could hang it across the room.

Here I’ve made a “Pin the tail on the piñata” board using the same tissue paper fringe technique. I pieced it all out and then cut out the shape to mount on the board. I’m rather fond of my one-eyed burro.

Finally I printed out a few of these Cinco de Mayo posters from 1901 to put on the walls and doors throughout my flat.

I’ll take pictures tomorrow once I’ve put out the colorful tablecloths, napkins, plates, party poppers and confetti. It’s going to be ace.

Next blog post will be post-tequila shots… :)