Sunday 24 February 2013

Project 69: Little Claire Stamps and Gradient Punches

Two sets of cards for you this week:

First up, gradient cards. For my birthday, my sister gave me a set of punches and some paint chips as I found some cool gradient cards on Pinterest and she saw my pins. I decided to do a mini square card featuring each set of punches and a gradient technique as I was so keen to use both.

For the leaves above I went lightest to darkest from left to right but in the future I might do it vertically.

For the stars I made a very simple comet shape and glittered the lightest star in the front. The greeting is from the Little Claire set, below.

Finally this flower card features a ribbon that I love as well as some glitter bling dots. I hand drew the stems.

Really like the simplicity of all of these, I will remember this in the future.

Next: Little Claire stamped cards. Another birthday inspired project! Claire gave me a subscription to the Little Claire club, where you get a set of stamps delivered every month. This is the company that made my owl Christmas stamp so I knew they were going to be amazing.

I fell in love with two stamps immediately. There are others which I'm sure will feature on this blog soon enough but these two are really special. The headline card is one of the cutest cards I have ever made, if I do say so myself. I colored in the hedgehog and then layered him over some gingham paper, added bakers' twine and some buttons. So twine, buttons and gingham, my triple threat of country-style crafting. 

I made this one an anniversary card that uses the tree stamp and I really love the detail. I topped it with some pure white candies that came in the little paper pack with the stamps. Definitely need to get me more of those!

Really happy with both sets, it was fun to approach a super simple with a more time-consuming card so I didn't get bored with either.

This weekend I did loads of stamping and scanning and helping Ham n Mule get ready for Mother's Day so there are more things to share but I'll space them out in the week.

Monday 18 February 2013

Project 68: Patterned circle Mojo layout

I realised on my way into work this morning that I should have made a set of cards for my friend who's bridal shower is next weekend. My sister is MOH and she's been a lovely friend of our family for as long as I can remember. And brides always need thank you stationary!

I saw the layout on Mojo this week and thought it was a nice way to use some lovely papers that I had in mind for the bride to be. She's also a purple bride and I thought Latte stack would be really good for her style.

For each set I made sure there was one embossed circle, either diamonds or spots, and then the rest were the plainer versions of the papers in the set.

I ran out of double sided tape half way through, which was rather annoying, so most things are stuck on with glue. So old fashioned! Gosh. 2 years ago I didn't know those nifty little double-sided rollers even existed. How far we have come.

I added some candies, layered up some fabric flowers and chose some ribbons to match.

 Looking at the collection I think the set is a bit busy but I'm really pleased with the colors and I the bride will like them. Now I need to get them to the States in less than two weeks! Wishing good post karma will come my way...

Sunday 17 February 2013

Project 68: Foxy paper cutting

Earlier this year I joined the Women's Institute (kind of siilar to the Junior League in the US) and each month we meet up and have a demo or talk and then there are charity and fund raising events through the year. This week's craft was paper cut valentines.

Our demonstrator, Poppy Chancellor, came with a few samples for us to follow. She had this fox illustration and it totally crackd me up as I knew Claire would appreciate a little pick-me-up.

I've done some paper cutting in the past but using the fox illustration from Poppy made it a lot easier. She helped with the letter as well, which was a challenge, which is why it's not very sraight. Proves I made it!

As Claire got it on Friday I was able to post it - I was keen to show it off all week. Crafts like this will hopefully help shake the dowdy, stuffy image of the Wi and show it  is a bit saucier than people give it credit for!

Wednesday 13 February 2013

Project 67 Update

Just a quick update on the finished project since the weekend. I brought home the tray and straw-base from the office (we got a free hamper of goodies - I love my clients) and with two new additions (see below) we have the finished product.

Yes these messages may be the most hilarious of them all. ("Why two non candy things?" you ask? They were in the hamper from work. Yep, pawning off free stuff as if it came from the heart. Nothing else says true love.)

It looks cute all together - can't wait until tomorrow so he sees how ridiculous this is.

Sunday 10 February 2013

Project 67: Candy-messages for Valentine's Day

Pinterest gives me great inspiration and this Valentines’ day I wanted to do something a bit silly and fun and found the perfect post. 

O has a massive sweet tooth and it’s well-known that he would pause too long if asked to choose between me and candy. I found this post and this post and thought, perfect, job done.

I went to a store and got as many candy bars as I could that I thought I could tie into an overly sentimental and sappy saying. The example on Pinterest are American so I had to improvise a bit.

First I made the tags. I cut the scallop tags with the new die cutter and used a star punch from my sister (it was my birthday in the week)  so I could tie a ribbon through it.

Each message was written out and embellished with something a bit cute and cheerful – it’s supposed to be over the top after all! Tape and glitter glue got used quite a lot which was fun as I don't always play them up on cards.

The one I like the most is the little rainbow bag made of layered Skittles and gold-wrapped Rolos. The Rolos aren’t individually wrapped here in the UK so I kept them in pairs which wasn’t ideal but never mind. The bags are from my last pack of 10 left over from the wedding over 2 years ago. Still getting use out of the bits and pieces left over!  

Here are a few close ups of the tags, I think they’re a bit silly but that was the point. I had wanted to do more of the individual stamped ones (like the button bear one – an inside joke, not a sickeningly sweet pet name) but I was nervous to do so many so stuck to fine-tip pens and markers. 

I tried to tie the ribbons into either the candy or message as much as possible. Turns out I own a lot of ribbon. 

I'm going to display everything on a tray, I have a base from a hamper we got at work so I'm going to bring that home in the week.

I am due a post using all of the fun stuff from my birthday bounty so watch this space. Happy Valentine’s day!