Tuesday 29 January 2013

Project 66: Little bit of lime green

Earlier this year I found myself making a lot of green cards, which isn't a color in my top 5. It may not even be in my top 10. But here we all are and I seem to have made more green cards without really thinking about it!

The headline card followed a layout similar to this one I found on Pinterest. I mixed it up slightly to work with the greeting and ribbon that I had. The scattered gem effect is really nice against the busy paper. I'll be doing that again.

Next I used the scraps from the headline card against an embossed background. I also used a lattice-style ribbon that I have had for at least 2 years and I don't think ever used. Score. Candies at the bottoms to balance the layout a bit.

The next two used pattern cards, which I used to use a lot in early crafting days but I don't use as often any more. Maybe I'm more adventurous, maybe I forgot I had them until today. One of the two.

Because the papers were so busy I kept them simple and just used an embossed thank you for each of them. Big flower and 2 types of sticky ribbon on one, normal ribbon and candies on the other.

Nice and simple. It actually is pretty easy being green.

Sunday 27 January 2013

Project 65: Black and White Art Deco

My friend Jules is getting married and is having an art deco theme with gold and silver accents. I was in a craft shop this week and found some papers that were perfect for making her a little set of thank you cards inspired by her wedding theme.

All of the cards used a black base (she's getting a gel pen as well so she can actually write in them) feature a small bit of glitter glue as a feature and some striped candies in white, grey or black. 

The headline card uses one of my favorite papers layered on top of some busy floral papers. I added to the layers with raised foam to give it more depth. Simple punched greeting and some dark grey candies. 

The next card uses a silhouette paper with a lattice cut of silver paper, pre-tied bow and white and silver candies. Since taking this photo I've evened out the spacing of the candies.

This is the only horizontal card in the set and used the same paper as the card above.   I used lacy tape and ribbon to split up the paper over a black and white floral pattern. The greeting here was a random sale bin purchase from my local craft store and usually it's a challenge to use but really worked in this set.

Next is a card that really simply layers grey and black papers with the image. I've scallop-punched the corner to give it some texture and added a few flowers for balance.

Finally this card used the same scallop punch in the corner as well as the full border punch in silver. I made the greeting black so it would stand out from the textured grey background. I added the spotted ribbon as well to make it a bit cute and hide the seam between the two papers.

These will go in the post tomorrow so hopefully Jules will get them soon! x

Monday 21 January 2013

Project 64: Sewing-themed freebies

Short post today!

I wasn't very well today so I sent myself home from work to have a day under a blanket. Which made me feel a bit sad and restless. So in between long stretches on the couch I threw together a little card using some free papers and stamps I got in a craft magazine.

I should mention know that Claire had these stamps and I was so jealous I bought the magazine just for the gift. Petty and ridiculous, I know.

But the papers are sweet and the stamps are quite detailed and perfect for my sewing-mad grandma.

Headline card was my favorite using the stamps and paper combination in a really sweet way. I found the Mojo sketch above in my couch-surfing antics and thought those little stamps lent themselves well to the layout.

Polka dots in a vintage blue with brown ribbon and stamping continue my love of this color combo. I distress-inked the stamped images to give them an antique feel. I also used the buttons instead of candies to tie-into the sewing theme. Oh and obviously I rotated the card to landscape.

The next two aren't as stand-out as the first but they're kind of cutesy and I know people who will like receiving them. Different stamp set (see how Claire used them beautifully here) but as they are square I dug them out for the layout. Candies replace buttons and big buttons with colored baking twine make them feel very childish. And that's just fine with me.

Another one or two cards were done but they are not worth showing. I made some bad embellishment choices and they brought down the whole card. It happens sometimes.

Friday 11 January 2013

Project 63: Gem-toned embossed greetings

Last playdate post! (Yes, ALL the posts this week have been playdate posts!) And sorry this is late - my scheduling tool didn't publish this on Friday like it was supposed to :(

I thought I would end on a short collection of embossed cards I made that are more my traditional style.

The headline card was a challenge that I set us to use these super complicated stickers. I remembered this sketch from a blog challenge and decided to use it as my base for the card’s layout. I stuck to rich gem tones and embossed the maroon to give it depth. The sticker is so fussy I can see why Claire hasn’t really used them.

The next two are much more my regular style. This one uses a folder I rarely use and a paper I’ve always loved and been unable to find a purpose for. Simple tag greeting and ribbon make it really sweet.

Finally a paper that came in a set with a little embossing folder Claire has. I love this little folder and when I found this paper I had to use it. Similar to the one above I used a tag greeting with some ribbon. Simple and sweet.

That’s the last of the playdate posts and I haven’t even covered all the cards. You can see why this was such an epic session!

Thursday 10 January 2013

Project 62: Layered stamp layouts

I thought I’d do a quick post on this sketch I found on Pinterest ages ago.

During the playdate I played with Claire’s extensive stamp collection to put it to the test. I layered three card sheets on top of each other and then made the patterned paper, being careful to make sure the stamps crossed over the layers to make it more interesting.

I then topped the papers with gold ink, making it look antique. You can buy distress ink expressly for this purpose but who can be asked? I already have the gold ink and this seems to work just fine.

Next I layered each card with a solid color matching the ink

Topped with a greeting and we’re done and it looks super cute. I need to hunt down these stamps. I love them.

This version is a bit truer to the sketch with twine and a button. It’s too busy I think. It only needs the two layers like the headline version to make the point and the twine is just fussy.

This is the only use the stamps have got as they are part of a “Edwardian Lady’s Collection” Claire got free. They cracked me up and I was determined to use them. That’s the fun thing about a playdate – you use things that normally seem impossible because your only agenda is to make it random and different from your normal crafting. Love playdates.

Wednesday 9 January 2013

Project 61: Wedding cards 4 ways

We have a lot of weddings to go to this year and as we had the playdate to end all playdates, I used this as an opportunity to spend a bit longer coming up with my own wedding ideas. And playing with Claire’s toys, obviously.

The headline card was a contemporary take on wedding cards which I’m actually going to use as a wedding shower card. My sister is the maid of honor in this wedding and the bride is all about purple (just as I was) so I thought I’d take a modern approach as it’s not for the actual wedding. I used this sketch as inspiration (which I was surprisingly true to!).

This card was one I came up with for our friends Nick and Connor, who are getting married in February.  I thought this folder really worked and normally I'd never go for this style but it was balanced by the dark purple and pinstripes. I hoped the pinstripes would make it look more masculine but being purple I don’t know why I thought that would work. I love it anyway. 

Next is one for a lovely modern couple. Sarah has really classy style so I wanted the card to reflect that. I went for something simple and elegant for Sarah and James and silver and white were perfect for this. I love this embossing folder of Claire’s and this glittery paper is just amazing.

Finally this is my most traditional card for our friends Emma and Rob. I have always been intimidated by this formal embossing folder but I’ve realised that by going outside of the non-embossed greeting area is fine and makes it much easier to use. I made a wedding cake out of silver paper and gave it some glitter icing and a pearl-bling heart as a topper. Claire has a great scallop heart punch for the greeting.

I’m pleased I had time to play around with wedding sketches because I tend to do one of two layouts usually and with all the weddings on the cards for the next 2 years I need to branch out to keep it interesting.

Tuesday 8 January 2013

Project 60: Valentines cards

A short collection of Valentines for you!

The headline one was inspired by this pinterest layout.

The heart die that Claire and I used was too big for the layout to work properly but Claire had the idea of putting it on the diagonal and I loved it. The glossy photo paper embosses a dream. Some buttons on top make it a bit more “me.”

Next was a variation on the theme: Claire had embossed the paper and cut it too short and I was convinced I could save it so I did a stripey border on the side with the purple bakers’ twine that I love so much. Another button.

Finally a retro-feeling valentine for Olly. I made him another one that was personalized but I thought this one was perfect for the colors. I’m debating giving him quite a few more but I don’t know if I can invest the effort. Will keep you posted.