Sunday 4 November 2012

Project 52: Trying new tricks with butterflies and gingham

Every weekend that I can remember having craft time available for the past few months has been dedicated to Christmas craft. This means my stores of non-Christmas cards are seriously down. Claire and I have some more craft fairs this year so I wanted to get the stock back up to scratch so I made some sets of cards that people could buy of the same layout in different colors. 

The headline card is a variation of a butterfly card that Claire alerted me to on Pinterest. I have this great little butterfly punch that my mom gave me and so I did a few versions using pastels, glitter and darker butterflies. Love them. 

Next is a variation of another post from Claire, this one from her blog. The technique to ink the patterned paper is really nice, it gives it a lived-in look that I like. I used the same ink for the “Thinking of You” stamp. I have added some glitter to the flowers since this photo was taken. Claire will like that I am all about the glittler glue now :)

Next I did a basic butterfly birthday card using some sweet gingham papers. I love gingham. Maybe all of my cards will be gingham from now on. 

And then using my gingham paper scraps I made some basic baby cards. Gingham in blue and pink does just look so baby-ish, doesn’t it? And buttons. Who doesn’t love a button on a card? Not one of my followers I should hope! 

All in I made about 30 today, admittedly simple layouts but I’m pleased that I have something to sell. I made another 3 sets of a secret layout that I am giving away as gifts to readers of this blog so I won’t post them here.  Very productive day. 

PS 52 projects and it's only October! Happy days - this is easily one of my best new years' resolutions and I have actually stuck with it. Here's to the next two months full of projects!

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  1. ooh really really really like these! Awesome and I am loving your use of glitter glue, I told you you'd love it...eventually :)


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