Wednesday 29 May 2013

Project 81: Cricket Card with a bit of Mojo

This card is a commission from my neighbour who wanted a cricket-themed card for her dad's birthday.

As I was struggling with ideas for this extremely precise brief I looked to Mojo and used this week's sketch as my inspiration.

Happily, my husband had a cricket score card from a trip to Lord's cricket ground a few years ago so I was able to use that as the background.

The middle square is an embossed bit of card that is meant to mimic the famous cricket jumper cables.

I used a strip of blue embossed with a stitching pattern to represent the ball, put over the red spotted papers for a similar effect. That orangey-brown paper thread worked perfectly with th eold button and orange backing paper.

Not too bad considering I'm really none the wiser about cricket!


  1. Great card. I love all of your layering.

  2. Love the card - great way to bring the theme to life and the Mojo Sketch works well. Cx


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