Tuesday 8 April 2014

Project 144: Lounging guy challenge

Claire and I like to make up our own challenges (as if we're not busy enough) and she pointed out that neither of us have used the lounging guy stamp from Little Claire previously. We decided to challenge ourselves to use him within the week.

I used natural card for the backing and framed the image within a green card. I was going to emboss it but it was far too busy so I lost that!

The aviators in the corner are from a stamp set I have from Get Stamping. I was trying a new technique I learned in an online course called "kissing stamps". I inked the black on the aviators and then put a green starry stamp directly onto the aviator stamp to give it little bit of dimension. I cut them out and put them on the corner as a little feature - I really like how it modernises the image I think.

We were supposed to use 2 papers for this - and I kind of forgot that - so I'm going to post-rationalise this by saying my backing card is natural brown craft card and the green border around the image are my two papers. (Claire - account handlers are always post rationalising, aren't we?)

I have some "relax" -themed stamps but I decided to strip this one back to basics and handwrite this message. 

All in all, I think it's a cute little card and I'll happily use him again I think!


  1. Ah this is fab, Off to find out what kissing stamps is about as never heard of it before. Love Hazelxo

  2. Love this..the kissing stamp idea on the glasses has worked well. Laughed at the post rationalisation comment...Did you notice that we coloured the comment in an almost identical colour? Cx


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