Saturday 11 April 2015

Project 216: A very special hamper

We have a little tradition in my group of UK friends of getting together for a fancy gift when someone turns 30.

We have a friend who deserves some luxury consumables and we decided that a big trip to Wholefoods to put together the hamper would be a fun group activity. We bought things we know she'll love, picking out things to her taste, and then I bought a nice basket and wrapped it up with some ribbon and acetate sheets.

I also made the group card and that's the headline shot. I saw this great tutorial on how to make an 'exploding' box and I thought it'd be perfect for this occassion so the card is part of the hamper goodies.

I cut out different shades of peachy pink card stock and cut them to size. I don't have a scoring board so I was doing all of the folds with a bone creaser and ruler - probably easier with a scoring board but I don't do a lot of this kind of work so I was happy to use the tools I have.

I then covered the different pages of the box with little Polaroid images and signed the names of all of the contributors to the hamper - all from the Neopolitan Recollections stack at Michaels. The back page is covered with stickers and words from the same pack and they were so cheerful and fun they really fit the theme of the gift and our friend's personality.

On the outside I spelled out her name and topped the lid with a chipboard bicycle sticker. Above is what it looks like when you assemble it like a box.

I'm so pleased with the packaging and production of this card, it really came out better than I thought it would. We deliver it to her next week so I hope she likes it!

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  1. OMY FRICKIN' GOD - are you kidding me with this..I LOVE the box card, fantastic use of the papers. I love the whole hamper idea..waaah I wanna be 30 and part of your group, perhaps for 50 (gah)..Cx p.s new kit sucks without you babes.


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