Sunday 15 January 2017

Project 391: Illustrated resolutions

Just a fun post. This week has been crazy! So I wanted to do a short personal post. Every year I set 5,6,7 however many resolutions I can think of and then by the end of the year some of them stick, some of them don't. But I post them on my fridge so that I can have them influence my decisions every day and even better, people comment on them and I'm held to account. So this year I thought I would do an even bigger broadcast of my resolutions and make them look good!

I wrote out all my goals and then did a rough sketch to work out what where to put each item. I did a couple of different lettering styles and added coloured pencil accents to make it a bit more colourful.  I'm really pleased how it came out, it looks even better on my fridge than my previous attempts. Who knows it may inspire greater discipline!


  1. Great resolution, I agree with all of them LOL. xxx

  2. I love it, what a great way to pretty up your resolutions. I love be more flexible..I could do with learning that one for sure ;) I want to commit to be more mindful of online $pending, but I am not even going to try that one LOL. Cx


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