Thursday, 2 February 2012

Project 6: Groundhog Day treats

It’s Groundhog Day in the US and I love the idea of celebrating this. It’s our managing director’s birthday today and he’s technically American, having been born there but immediately leaving to be raised in Britain with a Home Counties accent, so I decided to celebrate this. Our MD has some serious baking abilities that we constantly tease him about. He will stay up half the night with his wife making the most incredibly complex cakes (he made an interactive carousel cake that had horses and glitter and lights and it was a thing of wonder in the end) and I thought – hey now, let’s make something crazy and celebrate Groundhog Day at the same time!

So I found these groundhog cupcakes and couldn’t be asked to make the cupcakes so I just made the groundhogs. He’ll never know that there were supposed to be cakes.

This is what a groundhog made of a Mars bar, chocolate button ears and cheeks and marshmallow eyes and nose looks like:

I think it’s awesome.

An army of them looks like this:

But if you want to be really impressed and see the original, look no further than here.

The person who created these not only put them on sticks to go into cupcakes but also put them on push-pops so that the groundhog can come out of his hole to look at his shadow. And she puts crumbs on some for a shadow. Really? I mean I’m impressed but sort of intimidated at the level of detail. Good on you Sweetology.

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