Tuesday 31 January 2012

Project 5: Indiana Cards (?)

After an epic 8 hour craft explosion of productivity* I struggled what to use as this week’s post as the output was just fantastic. I’ve decided to put up the most random and the least likely to be repeated. This week we’re going to talk about US State themed cards. More specifically: Indiana themed cards.

I found these stickers in a craft store just after Christmas in a sale – I’d like to take the opportunity to point out they had all of the states and not just Indiana was in the sale – and thought this would be a lovely gift for my grandmother. She lives in Indiana and despite not being born there, is proud to be among the Hoosiers (for which there is no universally accepted etymology).

I wanted to use these stickers in a way that highlighted technique and tools so that the stickers could be almost anything. Grandma will like the Indiana-ness and I’ll like using foamy 3D stickers with fancy tools.

Making the afternoon of Indy fun even more exciting was the presence of Claire – my friend who has a wealth of knowledge experience and really super fun craft kit. This is our presentation of Indiana cards:

Card 1 – This one used a lovely border punch and I used my boldest and most awkward shaped stickers. It’s really simple but I think it works. Card 2 – This one is my favourite, I played with the red in 3 of the stickers and the teal in the license plate. I shouldn’t like an Indiana card this much but I’m really amused by this one.

Card 3 – This one used a scallop square with two smaller stickers in each. I used the shiny black strip to break it up a bit and I could post-rationalize this to say I was trying to invoke a sense of the famous Indy racetrack but that would be a lie and too close to my day job. I put the strip there because it was shiny.

Card 4 – This is the guest spot from Claire. She used a patterned background with a blingy strip and made the Indiana highway sticker standout from the printed paper. If you want to see more of Claire’s stuff (because she rocks) then see her blog.

So those are the Indiana cards that, I imagine, nobody would ever blog about again. This has been historical.

*Please note that I did not spend 8 hours making 3 Indiana-themed cards. That would be crazy. Well crafting for 8 hours is never sane but we varied it by setting our selves blog challenges, getting husband to set challenges, making up a rule like "must use a giraffe" and you know, generally passing the time sticking things on cards while gossiping. If you don't have a craft friend, you're missing out.

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  1. Aaah - you rock too - Yay! for craft playdates - roll on the 31st! You are so right everyone needs a craft buddy! Cx. Ps the first one in the Indiana series is my fave!


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