Friday 13 July 2012

Project 35: Anniversary cards

I promised some anniversary cards so I thought I should deliver. My friend mentioned that she sends anniversary cards to her family and friends and how expensive they are – I had no idea that people buy cards for other people’s anniversaries. So I thought I should probably make some for the box of cards I’m keeping at the office. 

Then I sat down to make them and realized I have no “Happy Anniversary” peel-offs, stamps or anything. Oh dear. So this is how I made it up!

I found some really old greetings printed on purple card that I bought about 3 years ago thinking they were great and never used. So these are the two outputs that are real-life anniversary cards:

I kept the first one simple and liked the pearl bling instead of the usual blingy-bling. And knots are awesome so here we go again with that.

The second one is a bit more busy. A bit twee maybe? I tried a new approach with the boarder punch, having it not run the full length of the card and I like that with the off-centre greeting. But different papers next time.

Then we have the ones I made up to try and pretend they could pass as anniversary cards:

I played off the “love” messages I have with the love birds as I thought it was a corny little tie-in and anniversary cards are inherently corny. I tried adding little hearts to the second one, don't think it makes too much impact. 

So the lesson here is you don’t need the greeting really but I should really invest because only so many people are going to buy a “love” card for a friend/parent. Maybe it could double as an engagement card?

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