Sunday 22 July 2012

Project 37: Joy fold cards

We had great success last playdate doing gate fold cards. We like using the craft days to try new things but I wasn’t convinced by this as I didn’t see it matching my style. I love this now and will do it all the time. 

The template we followed was called a joy fold card where you cut about an inch or two off the card and then add in a smaller piece of coloured card to overlap what you’ve cut off, wrapping a ribbon underneath and around the back before you secure it. Place another piece of card on top to hide the ribbon and you’re rolling.

The first one used a square card and I chose the colors with someone specific in mind. I like green and black, I think it’s a good contemporary mix. And Martha spotted paper in the background. Can't get enough Martha paper.

Next I tried a patterned card I love and finished it with an embossed flower. The embossing folder was one of Claire’s that I hadn’t used before so I got to add that in as well. 

Finally I tried a few different boy card options. I really liked the blue, green and orange stripes so tried two different options for making that work. The embossed greeting was something different, I usually go for the peeloffs. I think my friend is getting one of these in a few weeks!

My advice is to make your ribbon longer than you need. On two of them I cut the ribbon too short and now have to use a safety pin to knot them. I’m almost too afraid to untie them to write in them. Oops. 

I have another great post to update you on name card project so look out for that soon. 

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