Thursday 16 February 2012

Project 9: Femme Fatale Cards

For my birthday, my awesome sister gave me this kick-butt set of papers called the Femme Fatale series. They’re about as badass as crafting papers get: leopard print, zebra, gothic black kisses, all sorts of grey and shocking pink damask. There are some awesome color variants as well with orange snakeskin and green and black stripes but I stuck to monochrome with pink accents. It's a classic combo that I associate with my sis and I thought the first set should be in tribute to her.

I used very simple layouts because the paper are quite outrageous. I used some glittery cardboard strips that my craft buddy gave me on most of them, and then blinged them up where necessary. Here’s my mini-set of glam-goth cards:

I'm sort of obsessed with the snakeskin on the card above.

This paper has a slightly haunted distressed texture that I think looks a bit creepy/awesome.

Love the black lace - I just got these new thank you decals as well and I think they really work in black.

Thanks Sister! (yours is in the post, obvi)

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