Monday 27 February 2012

Project 10: Spring is nearly here cards

This weekend we had unseasonably warm weather so I decided I’d set myself a little spring-themed challenge using some lovely fabric flowers I got in my birthday bounty. I’ve been pinning a lot of embossed cards lately on Pinterest so I decided my secondary challenge was to use embossing folders directly on the cards, rather than on paper that gets added to the card. It was a “duh” moment; I can use the embossing folder on the card directly? Really? “It’s in the computer…?”

So here are a few of the outputs:

The first up are two birthday cards that feature some of the bigger flowers.

I like the double layer flower with the ribbon trim but the button version is my favourite. I popped in the button embossing folder as well to add some cutesy detail.

The second set of cards are both thank you cards, one featuring a full folder that is also new and I’ve been a bit intimidated to try as it’s got such a set layout. I like this treatment though the photo makes the greeting look more red than it is in real life. Must take better pictures...

I’m also weirdly into butterflies now. I say weirdly because they really aren’t my thing but I absolutely love using them on cards. Go figure.

My last card here is my gem – so simple using the first embossing folder I ever bought, a pastel plaid flower and a button, highlighted with some tape. Love this, definitely making more of these.

Hope you weren’t disappointed by my inattentiveness last week – it was an emotional week at work and finishing the blanket was really my only craft priority. Thanks for your patience.

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