Monday 14 May 2012

Project 27: Hypnotic toes

This post is about a project so simple, it took me less than 10 minutes.

I painted my toes today as I truly believe the London rain will eventually turn into a glorious summer. This could happen tomorrow or in 3 months time as we prepare for September. We all need to be honest about our expectations.

I painted a spiral on my big toes because I thought a flower was a bit twee and I don't think coloured or white tips looks that nice on my extraordinarily fat toes. I mean, look at them; they're huge.

Painting my toes is a HUGE deal as I had a ridiculously stupid accident in Paris last year that resulted in my big toenail completely coming off. I literally ran into my husband at speed wearing peeptoe shoes and the force caused it to come off. Dire and painful.

So after 8 and a half months I have something to paint! Bring on the sandals, come rain or shine!

I promise I'll do a real craft this week later to make up for the silliness of this one.

NB: My fingers are not the same shade of blue. Does this make me trampy? 


  1. To be fair you can't tell that your fingers are a different colour so in this instance not trampy. I acknowledge that whilst the Joan Collins in me prevents me from not having matching fingers and toes, this isn't true of everyone and perhaps it's not trampy after all?

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  3. Love your toes, they look incredible. Amazing big toes!


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