Sunday 9 June 2013

Project 82: Father's Day and boy birthday cards

This weekend I had some time to do some serious card making so I’ve decided to break it into two posts. This one is a bit more strategic as I want to shift some of the output!

With Father’s Day around the corner I looked at Pinterest for some inspiration and found two copy-able designs. 

This one used a series of banners with a hand-stamped greeting. I have gone from pauper to prince in the papers front from some over-ordering at so I decided to use a wide mix. I added the candies to give it a bit of hardware.

I hand-stamped the greeting using my building block letter stamps to bring in that homemade made quality. I figured the die-cut greeting base and banners made it grownup enough.I don't have an apostrophe stamp which is infuriating and makes the sentiment grammatically incorrect. Sigh.

Next is a card based on this pinterest sketch. I love the sunbeam and thought I could have them coming out of another die-cut greeting. It's fairly cute though I think next time I will use a full-width band like in the sketch. This time I used some die-cut letters to spell out Dad.

On a side note – I hate these letter dies. They are really tricky to work with and get the outside border to stay attached so I had to cut it off on most of these cards. Claire warned me about letter dies and I didn’t listen. She said they were expensive and a faff and she was right on both accounts. Sigh. 

Headline card is my post-production. I made 10, have used 2 and have 8 to order. So get in your requests quickly! If you tell me before Wednesday and I'm out of stock I will have time to make you one before Friday so you can post it for the weekend.

Finally I had two boy cards to make. One for my Father-in-Law and the other for a friend that is a loveable man-child. The rocket one is reminiscent of this card I made for a 7-year-old. I kept the green and black one pretty simple for my FIL, colouring in the digital stamp shading and punching a few stars in music paper and green to lift it a bit. I’m pretty happy with that as that could be mass produced if I get some big boy-card orders. Both have some subtle glittering as well (on the rocket flame and both greetings).

Next post is much more girly. Stay tuned :) 


  1. Love these, love the use of Kraft card blanks. My Father's Day card is very similar to the first one you showed. I love the sunbeam. I might have to plagurise :) Ha ha I did indeed warn you about Letter Dies, but as we both know a big part of crafting is learning from our OWN mistakes..Love the 2 boy cards - those greetings and the rockets came in handy eh? Cx

  2. Those digi stamps are the best. So handy! With the letter dies at least I have them now and knowing their limitations I won't put all my crafting eggs in one basket and rely too heavily on them! I have another post brewing with the non-boy themed outputs...will post later today I think x


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