Monday 22 June 2015

Project 229: A colouring challenge round up

I thought I'd share some of the bits and bobs from my 30 day colouring challenge with Claire these last few days. It's been really good fun, trying colored pencils and different markers, relying more on dig stamps than I usually do and generally just having a good old fashioned play in the stash. It's ace.

Here are some hits:

The headline card is the second in a set and started with Fiskars toadstools above, and when I colored them and cut them with a circle die, it was such an easy card to just add a little scallop circle and hand-drawn border that I did it again the next day with a different stamp from the same set. Love, love, love. I want to make two more and make it a set of 4 to give away. This is one for the win.

This is my big-eared bunny cupcake colored with pro markers, and a very very very subtle shading technique on his ears that is so subtle I'm not sure why I bothered! I criticised myself last week for starting but not finishing all that much so this week I wanted to make sure that I tried to make a few cards, no matter how simple. Hence this page!

I found that by just cutting him out and layering him over two simple papers (the bottom is cut to mimic a punch but is actually just cut along the chevron lines) it became a super simple layout, very reminiscent of the cards Claire and I made in our early days. And this layout is still super nice! I think big strip + featured image cut out + border along bottom is classic. Long may it inspire.

And then here's a badass lion from my art therapy colouring book. I'm loving my colouring book. I always have and always will love just colouring in images. And that's what this challenge is all about.

Expect many more colouring book pages this week because I'm travelling for work. I brought my little bag of colored pencils and colouring book on the plane and the stewardesses no doubt thought I was nuts. Ces't la vie!


  1. Ooh gorgeous colouring Jessie… and LOVE the cute bunny cupcake!! Lol and so much detail in the lion… looks a lot of fun to do !
    Hope you're having a good week
    Big hugs, Sue B xx

  2. Some of our early layouts still remain the best ones. I love all of these, it has been really good fun. I might just continue to colour for 10 mins a night...Cx


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