Saturday 11 July 2015

Project 233: Embossed sheet wallets


Yays all around.

We are going to try to fit in a few craft sessions while she's here but I wanted to have a few little things to give her when she arrives. A while ago I saw a post about a crafter who created a little embossing folder wallet thing for another craft friend and I thought it would be perfect - except I can't find where I saw it! Pinterest? A blog? YouTube? No idea.

So I decided to make up my own!

I chose some really busy papers that are pretty but hard to use in card making as a base. I chose an alternative paper for the lining and added a little fold-down bit to give it some style and also make it easier to pull sheets in and out.

I embossed 5 sheets in card stock that matched the folders: houndstooth in purples and pinks for the butterfly wallet and basket weave in tropical colors for the floral wallet.

It's a simple gift and one that shows I'm just so anxious for our playdate.


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