Tuesday 9 February 2016

Project 294: A minion Valentine

My colleague always asks me to make minion cards, like this one for her boyfriend. Every time I have to figure out a plan because obviously I don't have any minion kit, I have to make them out of paper each time.

This time I decided to go for a big one holding a heart. Simple and fun without having to make a dozen little overalls like in this minion card. She had asked for something romantic, 'like two minions kissing' but girl minions aren't that cute and I don't think the thought of them kissing is romantic. I abruptly changed the brief to what I thought would work better!

I cut the yellow body out of paper and then die cut a white circle for the eye. My nesting dies gave too big a rim for the glasses so I just markered the edge to get the effect - a bit wonky but never mind. The overalls I cut out by hand with the arms, though the heart is a punch. The flowery paper is from the Neapolitan collection from Recollections and I added red glitter glue to some of the lines - my colleague has sent cards back asking for more glitter glue in the past so I'm trying to adapt to something with more bling! Finally the greeting is from a massive pack of sentiments Claire gave me and it was so subtle that I added a bit of glitter to make it stand out.

The really shy smile and the lopsided arms holding the heart give him a real sweetness, I'm really pleased with the final effect.

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  1. I love this, it is awesome! I love a Minion card..It made me laugh that you changed the brief..Cx


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