Wednesday 10 February 2016

Project 295: His and Hers French bulldog Valentines

Two of my colleagues are good friends outside of work and, as one was commissioning a Valentine for his wife, he was struggling to think of what to request. My other colleague piped up with 'She likes French bulldogs! Actually, can I get one too?' And thus I had a request for two French bulldog cards in the space of 30 seconds.

We thought it would be funny if they were similar but different, so I looked around online, found two great little images on Pinterest and printed them out. I so very rarely use images like this that I aim to be fair and only take things that publicly available in that way. I chose slightly sad looking ones because honestly they are just too funy! I added a hint of coloring but didn't want to treat it like a full digi, I liked the minimal coloring, felt more edgy. I die cut them out with my wonky heart dies from Xcut.

I chose my papers carefully for the background, going with a modern-but-vintage rose for the card for wife-of-my-colleague and the fun blue and green for the partner-of-my-colleague. The plain circles were to help the hearts stand out - not convinced by them but they're ok I guess.

I kept it really simple, adding the little sentiment and two blingy hearts. It is Valentine's day after all!


  1. Oh these are fab Jessie… love the bullodog images and the papers and layouts show them off to perfection! :-)
    Big hugs, Sue B xx

  2. These are awesome man. Love the minimal colouring of the Dog, that was totally the right way to go. I really love the simplicity of these and now I am curious about the 'commissioner's' Cx


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