Sunday 8 October 2017

Project 442: A collage 30th birthday card

My friend gave me a brief for a birthday card that included brunch, fried chicken, crime and detective shows, weight lifting and boxing, and the closer 'basically all millenial things.' Awesome.

I decided a collage card would help me cover all the crazy stuff in this brief. I paper cut the different components. I am particularly pleased with the representation of the mystery show. I try to only add drawn accents if it's needed but I think I got the balance right. Once I had laid it out I die cut the sentiment so it would fit with the rest. I got my friend to consult on backgrounds as I was feeling indecisive and she chose the pink chevrons which was the one I was least convinced by but it works. At the last minute we decided to add the pineapple, which totally makes it.

I absolutely love it. I hope she does too! 

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  1. This is absolutely hilarious! You get the craziest briefs and then execute them so well! Cx


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