Friday 6 July 2018

Project: Blended mini card set with modern sentiments

I love mini playdate challenges and Claire and I had too much fun talking this past weekend, it really inspired me to do some silly things. She was testing herself with one stamp set x4 cards so I decided to do the same. I started with an image set but actually landed on a sentiment set. These sentiments crack me up and I thought, why not make a mini card set and give them to a like-minded friend? 

For each one I die cut a small square and then blended a two-tone color scheme, making sure colors overlapped from one to the next but never repeating the same combination. These then got stamped with the big hero sentiments and, just because they were feeling a little plain, I did a double mounting of white and then purple, pulling them all together but also giving them a bit more visually. 

I picked up my little bottle of liquid pearl dots and added some accents to the corners. I don't love it - truth be told - but I guess that's just experimentation. I like the vertical ones better than the horizontal ones so that's a learning. 

Finally I splattered some water on them to make them a bit more irregular. Love the set, definitely doing this again with a few minor adjustments. 


  1. Hi these cards are gorgeous I love all the bright colours. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. I love seeing all of these together, we did so much chatting on that playdate!! I mean mainly I was laughing at myself... I love the triple layering, it's super impactful and I am generally too lazy to do this, but I should. I think you are being harsh about the dots. I like them a lot, but I agree vertical work better. Cx


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