Tuesday 5 June 2012

Project 30: Angry bird cards

Last post I promised some boy cards. I found this Angry Birds ribbon in Michael’s in America and used this as the inspiration for these cards. They could work for female fans as well, being a big believer that AB is one of the best waste-of-time activities out there, but I make so many female cards I’ll consider these very boy friendly. 

While this looks very simple, I tried to make it a bit more interesting by using multiple techniques. The one exception being the littlest blue birds which were cut out of cloud patterned paper and these were such a pain to cut out I did very little with them after that point. 

The big red birds were embossed with stripes on the thick card. I can’t use that embossing folder often because it’s really aggressive and tears the paper so it was nice to have a good stock to use it. When I ran out of that I switched to a reflective red paper. 

The yellow birds were cut out of plain paper and to add some texture I stamped “party” a few hundred times on the triangles in yellow ink. 

I tried an option adding little sequin eyes and some angry brows but decided against it for all the others – do you think it works?



  2. I like the ones with eyes and brows, makes them more like giant AB's - and yes I have interwebs again!

  3. I'll add some eyebrows and eyes to the ones left over from the craft fair then. These are so easy to reproduce I can make some for you C?

  4. Ooh just saw this - yes I would very much like some of these please :) Cx


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