Tuesday 26 June 2012

Project 33: Wedding place cards

I haven’t used this space to talk about weddings very much because I am not currently in the process of planning a wedding. Which is sad because I’m sort of obsessed. And by sort of I mean completely. Monstrously. 

Lucky for me our lovely friends are getting married this year and have asked me to help with some of the craft elements. We’re starting with place cards and then I’m going to thrust my services on the happy (but unlucky to have a pushy friend like me) couple for things like menus, orders of service, thank you notes, whatever.

My brief from the bride was very, well brief. “Flowers are yellow and white. Something simple/informal/pretty would be great” and the note concluded “I really appreciate your enthusiasm” which suggests she may be tired of my pestering already.

Hey ho, we’re only getting started!

So these are my ideas based on the brief of yellow and white and informal but pretty. The top option is one of my favourites, using a daisy corner punch with a knotted yellow ribbon. One could argue it’s symbolic of tying the knot but I just think knots are easier/nicer than bows. 

On the ribbon theme I did another one here with patterned paper and another knot, followed by one with a fully embossed card and an ivory bow.

Next up are the punch series – the first is a giant heart punch with three smaller flower punches that I’ve put on foam to pop out and glittered the centre for a blingy effect. The second one is a duplication of a spotty border punch that I’m obsessed with. Love to Martha and Michaels for providing this tool. I have the yellow card sticking up a bit but this isn’t essential.  Then the third is by far the easiest with a simple scallop punch featuring the table number. 

My embossed series are my favourites after the top option.  One used a border punch with a small punched flower with pearl bling and the other I embossed a larger section and used two layered flowers with a gem bling. I really think both of these meet the brief the best of simple/informal/pretty. 

Lastly (you thought I’d stopped ages ago right?) I did two tags. Tags are, like, all over wedding d├ęcor now. I tried, I don’t love them but I’ll see what the bride says.

Which option do you like? I’ll let you know which one gets chosen!  

ps Thank you to my friends who have unknowingly given their names to the cards.  I've chosen people that are invited to the wedding so I save myself of making that one card again. Lazy or clever, I'm not sure.

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