Sunday 3 June 2012

Project 29: Border punch baby cards

 First, an apology for the lack of communication recently. We got back safely from the US and I’ve been busily crafting away to make up for lost times. I have two posts (including this one) from one day’s output which is exciting. 

I can tell you as well that even though it looks like I missed a week, I have another project that was completed in May that will make up the missing post but I didn’t have a chance to blog about it. Since I’m honest enough not to count that toward a June post, you’ll just have to come to the craft fair in Maidenhead this weekend to see what I did.

While in the US I picked up some Martha punches (hoping that Claire doesn’t have the same ones so we can share!) and put them to good use to make some baby cards for the craft fair.

The headline shot was probably my favourite neutral one – I made mostly gender-neutral cards as I’ve noticed a growing trend in people not finding out what gender their baby is until the birth. I guess it's a bit more towards the "boy" colour scheme but the small flower print balances this out.

A pretty pink one using pink and yellow spots .

A cute blue one with a button to play down the girliness of the flower. 

And two more neutral cards. I hope the flowers don't make them too girly, I was thinking they just added some interest more than anything. I love that kite pattern, I think it works for a baby card. I didn't put a ribbon down the middle like th others as I didn't want to lose any of the kites.

Some boy cards coming up next time..

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