Monday 23 July 2012

Project 33: Name card update

An update on the name cards for our friends’ wedding. We went for a modified version of the “Danu” card in the initial post.  

I ordered “doodle dots” Pink Petticoat paper design and printed out the Daffodil negative pattern to get the white on yellow. 

Then we cut them to size, punched a daisy corner punch in the front and tied a white grosgrain ribbon across the top. A bit more effort than I think I planned but I had my production line going (re: my husband sat measuring the ribbon and knotting them for me while watching television) and the cards were wrapped up from start to finish in about 5 days. 

Now I’m handing them over to the bride to write in the names – I’ll be sure to take pictures of them at the wedding!

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