Sunday 29 July 2012

Project 38: Wedding fascinator

My first attempt at fascinators was for my friend’s hen do and it seemed fitting that I should try to make one for her wedding. I have changed my outfit 5 times for this wedding so now that I have finally settled on a dress I needed to get the fascinator made ahead of the festivities in 2 weeks’ time 

The dress is cranberry coloured so I’ve gone for an ivory and cranberry fascinator. First, a trip to the craft story to get supplies:

I bought a big flower as my base, smaller beaded flowers, feathers and a comb and knew that I’d be relying heavily on my old friend the glue gun. I'm going to have loads of feathers left so I'll have to make up a reason to use them in the future.

I started by taping together the smaller flowers to the wire of the big flower. 

Next I glued in the feathers one by one, adding a smaller flower in the back to keep the glue together.

It looked like this by the end with the ivory in the middle and the burgundy flowers neatly fanning out on one side with feathers on the other. 

Finally I bent back the wire from the flowers to give me a straight base to attach the comb.  I had to keep holding it up to my head to work out which way the comb's teeth should face. I had a second comb on standby in case I got it wrong and had to rip it off and start over. Luckily it wasn't needed but I'm an expert in getting things backwards in the final moment and having to start over. Ask me about assembling flat-pack furniture sometime.

Back to the fascinator story, once it dried it was time to model the finished product. I’m pretty pleased with this. Not the photo - the fascinator. The photo is the 6th one taken and I got bored of posing so decided to give up and use this one even though it's not great. Focus on the fascinator - not my awkward "how do you not know how to use the camera we've had for over 2 years" smile. 

Not sure if I love the feathers but I can always pluck them out on the day in a worst case scenario!

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