Sunday 8 July 2012

Project 34: More blog challenges

Today I thought I’d enter a Mojo challenge – I haven’t entered in a long time and I liked this week’s sketch. 

I tried 3 variants of it, but I think I like the one above the best. Yes, this is the simplest of all of them but I really thought the colours and textures worked. I liked the knot instead of a bow on the right. And I realize that I didn’t have to use the corrugated card just because that was the sketch example but I love how it punches for the scallop effect at the bottom.

The next one used two Martha Stewart papers and an illustrated piece of vinyl I found somewhere. I kept the embellishment simple with a flower decal that matched the greeting. I kept the oval very small because I wanted to keep the plaid paper the focus. For some reason the edges look sloppy in this picture but it's a lot sharper in real life.

The last one was from my femme fatale set. I used a die-cut for the centre as Claire gave me these as part of the $20 challenge and I hadn’t had a use yet. I like it though I’d probably keep the layout simpler next time as I think it competes a bit.

This week has flown by and there are so many things to mention. Name cards are in production; the bride chose the “Danu” headline image but we’ve made some modifications so I’ve been ordering paper and setting up a template. Last week we made non-sewing bunting but I forgot to take pictures so I couldn’t post about it. Sad. So even though I’m a post down please trust that I’ve been busy crafting! I'm working on some anniversary cards for my card box to sell at work so I'll post those when they're ready.

I'll leave you with the final craft of the week, my friend Beth painted my nails to look like owls and they're fab: 

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