Sunday 24 February 2013

Project 69: Little Claire Stamps and Gradient Punches

Two sets of cards for you this week:

First up, gradient cards. For my birthday, my sister gave me a set of punches and some paint chips as I found some cool gradient cards on Pinterest and she saw my pins. I decided to do a mini square card featuring each set of punches and a gradient technique as I was so keen to use both.

For the leaves above I went lightest to darkest from left to right but in the future I might do it vertically.

For the stars I made a very simple comet shape and glittered the lightest star in the front. The greeting is from the Little Claire set, below.

Finally this flower card features a ribbon that I love as well as some glitter bling dots. I hand drew the stems.

Really like the simplicity of all of these, I will remember this in the future.

Next: Little Claire stamped cards. Another birthday inspired project! Claire gave me a subscription to the Little Claire club, where you get a set of stamps delivered every month. This is the company that made my owl Christmas stamp so I knew they were going to be amazing.

I fell in love with two stamps immediately. There are others which I'm sure will feature on this blog soon enough but these two are really special. The headline card is one of the cutest cards I have ever made, if I do say so myself. I colored in the hedgehog and then layered him over some gingham paper, added bakers' twine and some buttons. So twine, buttons and gingham, my triple threat of country-style crafting. 

I made this one an anniversary card that uses the tree stamp and I really love the detail. I topped it with some pure white candies that came in the little paper pack with the stamps. Definitely need to get me more of those!

Really happy with both sets, it was fun to approach a super simple with a more time-consuming card so I didn't get bored with either.

This weekend I did loads of stamping and scanning and helping Ham n Mule get ready for Mother's Day so there are more things to share but I'll space them out in the week.


  1. Great variety of cards. You have had a very productive week.
    The Little Claire stamps look fab.

  2. I thought I'd already commented here, but these are really lovely, the Little Claire stamps and your Sisters bday gift are really working out great. Cx


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