Sunday 17 February 2013

Project 68: Foxy paper cutting

Earlier this year I joined the Women's Institute (kind of siilar to the Junior League in the US) and each month we meet up and have a demo or talk and then there are charity and fund raising events through the year. This week's craft was paper cut valentines.

Our demonstrator, Poppy Chancellor, came with a few samples for us to follow. She had this fox illustration and it totally crackd me up as I knew Claire would appreciate a little pick-me-up.

I've done some paper cutting in the past but using the fox illustration from Poppy made it a lot easier. She helped with the letter as well, which was a challenge, which is why it's not very sraight. Proves I made it!

As Claire got it on Friday I was able to post it - I was keen to show it off all week. Crafts like this will hopefully help shake the dowdy, stuffy image of the Wi and show it  is a bit saucier than people give it credit for!

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  1. Did I not comment on how wonderful my card is?! I love it so much, that I have bought it a frame...Cx


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