Sunday 10 February 2013

Project 67: Candy-messages for Valentine's Day

Pinterest gives me great inspiration and this Valentines’ day I wanted to do something a bit silly and fun and found the perfect post. 

O has a massive sweet tooth and it’s well-known that he would pause too long if asked to choose between me and candy. I found this post and this post and thought, perfect, job done.

I went to a store and got as many candy bars as I could that I thought I could tie into an overly sentimental and sappy saying. The example on Pinterest are American so I had to improvise a bit.

First I made the tags. I cut the scallop tags with the new die cutter and used a star punch from my sister (it was my birthday in the week)  so I could tie a ribbon through it.

Each message was written out and embellished with something a bit cute and cheerful – it’s supposed to be over the top after all! Tape and glitter glue got used quite a lot which was fun as I don't always play them up on cards.

The one I like the most is the little rainbow bag made of layered Skittles and gold-wrapped Rolos. The Rolos aren’t individually wrapped here in the UK so I kept them in pairs which wasn’t ideal but never mind. The bags are from my last pack of 10 left over from the wedding over 2 years ago. Still getting use out of the bits and pieces left over!  

Here are a few close ups of the tags, I think they’re a bit silly but that was the point. I had wanted to do more of the individual stamped ones (like the button bear one – an inside joke, not a sickeningly sweet pet name) but I was nervous to do so many so stuck to fine-tip pens and markers. 

I tried to tie the ribbons into either the candy or message as much as possible. Turns out I own a lot of ribbon. 

I'm going to display everything on a tray, I have a base from a hamper we got at work so I'm going to bring that home in the week.

I am due a post using all of the fun stuff from my birthday bounty so watch this space. Happy Valentine’s day!


  1. I know we have discussed these, but I love them they are awesome, such a cool idea. And a totally great gift for your Hubby who loves candy... Cx

  2. Great idea for a sweet valentine gift. If only it could last till he came home! I'd have it eaten I'm afraid!

  3. Alison - I know what you mean! When I was wrapping up the Rolos (they come in a tube in the UK but I'm used to them being individually wrapped in the US) a few (ok 4) may have ended up in my mouth and not the bag...!


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