Tuesday 17 February 2015

Project 204: Another Minion card

I was asked to make a special commission for my colleague involving minions – yes, again! See this post for the original. 

This time around she asked if there was a way to have multiple minions, not just one big one. She also asked if I could incorporate her boyfriend’s name and the fact he was 28. A pretty precise brief but I’m always game for that.

This was a fun but super time consuming project! I cut almost everything by hand. The yellow blocks were cut by hand. I tried to use a corner rounder to round the heads but it was too blocky so I ended up doing each corner individually. 

The blue overalls are just squares and I cut little yellow triangles for the arms. The triangles were the worst. 

The white eyes are the punch-outs from a standard hole punch - nothing fancy. All the black details are drawn on: glasses, little icon on the overalls, hair - was just easier to do it directly than try to cut anything else! 

Finally I made the little tags and used a cut toothpick for the flag post. I don't know if it's obvious now with the greeting but the minions are arranged in a 28...might be too subtle but I think it's great and it's my creation. Let's hope she likes it as much as me :) 


  1. Oh this is brilliant Jessie… I love those fab minions… such a fun card to make and it really fits the brief! ;-)
    Hope you have a lovely evening!
    Big hugs, Sue B xx

  2. LOVE it - I see now why you were all - blurgh about it, a LOT of work went into this bad boy. Cx


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