Sunday 22 February 2015

Project 205: RIP Car cookie bags

This Friday night I went to the pub with some colleagues (and the dog) and asked if my husband wanted to join. He knows the people I work with and it's a short bus ride from our house to get to the office's local pub. He wasn't in the mood to drink so he decided to drive over, hang out for a while and then he could drive me (and the dog) back home.

And then the car broke down about 3 blocks from the pub.

My colleagues are lovely people and generously spent the next hour finding the car, pushing it to the pub (it was blocking the road and that way we could keep an eye on it from the comfort of a table with a pint!) and waiting with us until the tow truck came - about 3 hours after the breakdown.

In short: they deserved a treat for their epic loyalty. (Yes, I bought them all beer at the pub immediately after it happened as well)

I decided to make cookies this weekend and give them as a reward. It's also my MIL's birthday so I wanted to bring some along when we go to their house for dinner tonight.

I made 2 dozen normal sized Smarties cookies and 6 double-sized cookies. (US people: they're like M&Ms but not as good. Tragically the shop by me doesn't sell M&Ms so I had to use these instead.)

I filled card bags with the extra big cookies and attached a mini card to all of them that had an old car stamp and a scripted RIP stamp on the top. (Car stamp is from a Recollections vintage travel set and the letter stamps are from my local pound shop - tricky to use but perfect here.) 

Yes they're crooked, yes the stamp is cracked - I wanted it to feel a bit old and spooky and just slightly off. Plus - they're 6 guys getting cookies so they don't care!

I stapled the card to the top of the bag and it's an instant goody bag I can give to all the lovely guys tomorrow when I see them in the office. (see headline shot)

Now we need to get a new car (says my husband) but I'd rather spend the money on just about anything else. Let the battle begin!

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  1. Awesome! The story is still making me chuckle and I love that you turned the cookies into a little project - nice. Can you send me a bag? Cx


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