Sunday 1 March 2015

Project 206: Embossed floral Mother's Day cards

I managed to sell a few Valentine's Day cards at work so I thought I'd make a stash of Mother's Day cards to have on hand and see if I can shift them at the office.

I want to try a few different designs so I looked on Pinterest for inspiration. This pin below really looked sweet (and easy) to reproduce a few times in different colors:

 I then started looking for a good embossing fodler to use for the treatment and I remembered that Claire had given me  some embossed sheets with folders she has. I really liked these big hearts and thought they would be great for Mother's day.

For each one I trimmed down the sheet and layered it over a colored piece of stock. The red and blue headline card is my favorite, it's such a fresh take on the colors. I didn't add the greeting - I had this little idea that I'll take them to work and see if people want a sentiment and add it for them then. If they don't sell I can add a thank you or birthday and reuse them in the future!

The flowers were a bit different for each color combo,with  some foam, some felt, some paper - I just used what I had in each color and then added bling, pearls and gems for the centers. Here are two alternative takes:

 With blue and green flowers 

 With purple and grey flowers and a purple embossed card 

 I am going to try a few more Mother's Day designs but this was a really quick session and I hope they'll be a hit in the office!


  1. Love these, so pretty, those hearts look lovely in white I had forgotten about those. I love the headline card too. Mother's Day is'll see why, once again our minds are connected. Cx

  2. these are gorgeous Jessie… and perfect design for making in bulk… I love the pretty flowers and the embossing gives the cards a wonderful elegance!
    Hope you have a nice evening!
    Big hugs, Sue B xx


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