Tuesday 24 March 2015

Project 211: My new favourite kid's card

A colleague gave me the best brief for a card the other day:

  • Girl turning 3 likes:
    • Princesses
    • Pingu
    • Shaun the sheep
    • Lego
Usually I try to pull  out one main thing as the card but with this one I thought - let's see if we can get all of those in there!

I am really pleased with the result. I used a Little Claire stamp for the feature, colored with ProMarkers and layered with nesting Sizzix label dies. I added a touch of glitter glue to the butterflies for extra sparkle. 

Shaun and Pingu are both cut out of layered paper - the black and white are both scraps I had on my desk already so that was a win. The eyes are the off-cut of a punch I have. I sent these to my colleague to 'approve' before I stuck them all down and she was over the moon with the detail. Honestly they weren't too bad - I didn't even need a scalpel, I just used scissors. 

The dots on the Lego blocks feature the same dots. I used extra thick glue to stick them down so that they'd have that 3D effect. 

I decided all of the items along the bottom should be raised on foam rather than stuck down fully. Kids cards always have texture and layers and I thought I'd give them a bit more standout that way. 

Finally I topped them off with some sparkly letters that were freshly arrived from Claire. I think they are just perfect for the project to finish it all off. 

My colleague is thrilled and so am I - hopefully I will get a few more briefs like this as they are just so much fun! 

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  1. It make me smile last night via skype and I am still smiling about it. I love that all the items managed to make it on the card, the poor child won't know where to look first! I wish I was a freehand paper cutting genius like you...Cx


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