Thursday 8 September 2016

Project 355: A unique chilli baby card

A friend in the office is having a baby and one of my other colleagues and I conspired to make him the most personal, random baby card. The friend having the baby loves chilli and hot sauce and everything spicy so we decided that had to play a central role.

I created a mobile from paper scraps and some string and then cut out little chillies from scraps on my desk. I glitter glued the red ones and then used enamel accents for the green. I raised them with little foam squares so they would have a 3D effect.

It looked too stark against white so I used kraft card. I'll be honest and say I think the black is too dark and should have used grey or white. Oh well. Never mind. Still the craziest baby card I've ever made!


  1. OMG this is so hilarious esp as I know who it is for. Genius idea, perfectly executed. Cx

  2. See where I went wrong on here Jessie, xxx


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