Saturday 10 September 2016

Project 356: Blended monogram set

Short little post from me today! It's a friend's birthday today but she's super weird about birthdays. Hates them. Doesn't want to recognize them in the slightest. But to do nothing bums her out as well. So we're meeting briefly in a pub for lunch just as a get together for another friend's birthday and then we can sneak cards into her handbag when she isn't looking.

I wanted to make her a little something but she's kind of hard to define with her style. She changes it up a lot and so I can't always keep up! I decided to heat emboss some random stamps that struck my fancy, blend across a full 4x4 square card, adding a little die-cut H in the corner to use her monogram.

Here are the 4:

The stamps are from top left clockwise around: dandelion seeds from Balloon Celebration from Stampin' Up, tiedye splodges by Inkadoo, stars from Balloon Celebrations and Fossil Leaves by Inkadoo. 

The H is a Tim Holtz letter die. 

It took a bit of time to emboss and blend each card but I'm pleaesd with how it came out. 

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  1. Gah your blending is AMAZING...we need to discuss this further... Love all the random stamps you chose, they make a cohesive set. I am the polar opposite in the birthday land to your H is 3 weeks to mine and I am wondering where the eff are all the early birdy cards in the post :) Cx


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