Monday 10 October 2016

Project 368: Tricky heat embossed background stamp

On my playdate with Claire I decided to try a stamp that I won in a challenge ages ago but have been too afraid to use. It's a bit flimsy, not a clear stamp, and so detailed that I wasn't really sure how to use it. Claire told me to get over myself and try it anyway.

I heat embossed it in white and then blended over using a mix of muted greens. I haven't blended in a while and it was good to get the balance of colors right. I layered it over some brown and then used a scrap of yellow for the thanks die.

Once she gave me the confidence it didn't take very long at all!

And now as a freebie: this is an embossed purple cow from a new animal set Claire got. Super weird and random, right?

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  1. LOL dying here about the freebie, Love the purple cow, but why did we not notice how random he is? Drunk? LOVE, LOVE the headline card. I knew with your mad blending skillz you could get this to work..I love them this newly discovered stamp. Wait till you see how I finished mine :) Cx


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