Monday 31 October 2016

Project 372: A Day of the Dead anniversary card

I got these great puffy decorative skulls from my friend Carrie who came to visit and I knew immediately that they needed to be used for Claire and Sam's wedding anniversary card.

I heat embossed a Stampin' Up set and it came out really fuzzy but I thought it actually worked better. Not an oops, I'm embracing it. I blended over it in really bring colors, stopping half way through the card so that it was just the bottom half and didn't conflict with the skulls.

I layered them over some translucent plastic disks that came from Claire (I think they were with a purchase of something else?) and thought the colors went really well, especially since one had a big ampersand printed on it. I added a few smaller plastic dots and some black enamel dots to top it off, with a hand written greeting as I didn't want the sentiment to get in the way of the busy colors and textures.

Really happy with it - hope they like it too!


  1. We love it, it is gorgeous!!! I love the sparkly skulls, they are superb and your blending skillz are making me quite envious. Small confession..the skulls fell off in transit, so I re-adhered them incorrectly, looking at this photo LOL. Cx

    1. Haha I like that you reapplied the skulls on your own card. That's too funny!


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