Tuesday 29 January 2013

Project 66: Little bit of lime green

Earlier this year I found myself making a lot of green cards, which isn't a color in my top 5. It may not even be in my top 10. But here we all are and I seem to have made more green cards without really thinking about it!

The headline card followed a layout similar to this one I found on Pinterest. I mixed it up slightly to work with the greeting and ribbon that I had. The scattered gem effect is really nice against the busy paper. I'll be doing that again.

Next I used the scraps from the headline card against an embossed background. I also used a lattice-style ribbon that I have had for at least 2 years and I don't think ever used. Score. Candies at the bottoms to balance the layout a bit.

The next two used pattern cards, which I used to use a lot in early crafting days but I don't use as often any more. Maybe I'm more adventurous, maybe I forgot I had them until today. One of the two.

Because the papers were so busy I kept them simple and just used an embossed thank you for each of them. Big flower and 2 types of sticky ribbon on one, normal ribbon and candies on the other.

Nice and simple. It actually is pretty easy being green.


  1. What are those in the top right of the last card?! Are they CANDI - OMG I need those... Love the thank you, is that using the new machine:) Cx

  2. Candi that looks like a brad! AWESOME I tell you. And the thank you is an old one that I've had for ages that I thought should get a little action. And yes, I'm only using the new machine now!


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