Monday 4 March 2013

Project 72: Mother's day cards

Claire and I made some awesome mother's day cards for UK Mother's Day and, of course, I forgot to take the two I need for the mothers I am seeing this weekend. Doh.

*Buy a card for UK mother's day if you need one*

So I made two cards bespoke for them. That's nicer, isn't it?

The headline card is for my mother-in-law as she gave me the flower punch for Christmas. I used Claire's bird punch (which I totally covet) and used some sparkly teal paper to balance out the pink. I love the candies as well. Candies on all cards. Forever.

This one is for Grandad's wife Brigid, who is really special and has always been ike my own family. In fact through some geneology studies we think we may actually be related! I kept this one pretty simple, just making a heart with some flowers topped with glitter dots. I think the yellow background makes it really cheerful as well.

Happy (UK)  Mother's Day!


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