Monday 11 March 2013

Project 73: Simple monograms

Claire and I have started a card exchange where we make each other a card for the other person's use (so no writing inside) and she made me a lovely card in homage to our friendship last week.

She pointed out this week's Mojo sketch  and thought it would be a bit hard to replicate. Ha! Challenge accepted.

I made a few monogram cards this week and she commented on a teal, cream and brown version I did. So I put this one together so she knows that I actually (occassionally) listen to her. And I like it enough that I might make one for myself!

This is the sketch that I was following - obviously I rotated it as I thought it would work better in the vertical format.  (I'm right though, aren't I?) I left the bow off as the velvet ribbon looks best unknotted and as I die-cut nesting scallops they were enough of a feature.

Yes she'll see this before she gets the post but I couldn't resist. I had a bit of admin to do for an order I'm fulfilling, searching through papers and everything and I needed to finish in a card or I'd just be frustrated.

I'll post the other monogram cards later this week so come back and check them out :)


  1. I love my card, it arrived today. It took every ounce of my willpower not to view it on your blog before it arrived...I think you did an excellent job with the sketch, I just really couldn't see it working for me this week. Cx

  2. Well done on the card... sometimes I find these sketches really hard. You did well! xx

  3. Thanks Paula! It was a challenge but I felt goaded on by my craft buddy Claire to get it right!


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